How to check your Lottery result?

After buy lottery, you have to wait for the result declaration. Some lotteries declare their result instantly and some lotteries result declaration procedure is slow it means these declare there result after some days here some ways are given by which you can check your lottery result:

There are two diverse approaches to check your lotto online ticket at an affirmed OLG retailer zone:

lotto online

Ticket Checker:

A Ticket Checker is a device you can use to check your lottery tickets alone to check whether you have won.If you win lottery it shows your ticket number. If you want to check your lotto ticket with this gadget you have to check screcth and scan image of these tickets.

Check your result by Lottery terminal:

Ask your vendor to check your ticket through the lottery terminal. The retailer will put your LOTTO ticket through the machine. Check the Customer Display Screen. This screen should stand up to you and will demonstrate you in broad characters the proportion of your prize, or if you have not won a prize. At whatever point a ticket is checked by a retailer at a lottery terminal, you will see a video message on the Customer Display Screen and hear a triumphant or non-swaying jingle with a voice message. These alerts will reveal to you whether you have a triumphant ticket or not.

Different approaches to check your triumphant lottery tickets:

  • Contrast your numbers with the triumphant numbers on given goals.
  • Get out given customer reinforce number.
  • A few papers or news sources will report casual OLG lottery numbers.


Sign the ticket. Retailers cannot verify tickets that are not settled upon.

Recover your receipts and tickets. Retailers must reestablish all INSTANT and LOTTO tickets and consumer receipts – paying little heed to whether you’ve won.

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